Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and Research Institute

    Kenneth Oestreich
    Kenneth Oestreich
    A team of scientists from the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute and the University of California at Berkeley compared the decision-making process of healthy patients and patients with brain lesions to learn more about how the brain makes choices about honesty.
    A peptide developed by scientists studying electrically conductivity in the heart is now being used to heal venous leg ulcers twice as quickly as the current standard of care.
    The charter class of the doctoral program in Translational Biology, Medicine, and Health convene with the programs co-directors, Audra Van Wart and Michael Friedlander (front row, fourth and fifth from left), and coordinator, Melissa Dietrich (front row, third from left).
    Sarah McDonald
    Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine welcomes the class of 2018.
    Gregorio Valdez
    Read Montague
    Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine earns full accreditation.
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    Robert Gourdie
    Research Day
    Risky business
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    Match Day
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