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Christopher C. Baker, M.D. - Professor

Vice Chairs

John Ferrara, M.D.- Vice Chair for Education

Bruce Long, M.D. - Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs

General Surgery Residency Program


Lisa S. Apfel, M.D. - Assistant Professor

W. Scott Arnold, M.D. - Assistant Professor

William R. Baetz, M.D. - Clinical Preceptor

Joseph W. Baker, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Alfred J. Beshai, M.B.B.Ch. - Assistant Professor

Charles D. Bissell, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Curtis E. Bower, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Eric H. Bradburn, D.O., M.S., F.A.C.S. - Assistant Professor

David R. Brajdic, D.M.D., M.S. - Assistant Professor

James T. Callis, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Alexander F. Cardenas, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Kurt Y. Chen, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Bryan R. Collier, D.O. - Associate Professor

Gary R. Collin, M.D. - Associate Professor

Charles E. Conklin, D.D.S. - Associate Professor

Thomas D. Conlee, M.D. - Assistant Professor

John C. Conrad, M.D. - Clinical Preceptor

George S. Coury, M.D. - Clinical Preceptor

James J. Crawford, M.D. - Clinical Preceptor

Minh-Chau Dang, M.D. - Clinical Preceptor

Roxanne R. Davenport, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Daniel D. DeMeyts, M.D. - Clinical Preceptor

Douglas S. Dockery, DPM - Assistant Professor

James G. Drougas, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Robert G. Duggar Jr., M.D. - Clinical Preceptor

Zev Elias, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Eugene H. Eng, M.D. - Clinical Preceptor

David A. Eliason, M.D. - Assistant Professor

John M. Facciani, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Joshua D. Farrar, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Mark E. Feldmann Jr., M.D. - Assistant Professor

John J. Ferrara, M.D. - Professor

Carla V. Finkielstein, Ph.D. - Associate Professor

Sandy L. Fogel, M.D. - Associate Professor

James E. Foster, M.D. - Associate Professor

John C. Fraser, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Aaron S. Goldstein, Ph.D. - Associate Professor

Judy S. Gutafson, M.D. - Clinical Preceptor

John A. Hagy, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Mark E. Hamill, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Charles A. Harris, M.D. - Assistant Professor

William Z. H'Doubler, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Donald J. Heindel, M.D. - Clinical Preceptor

David S. Hunt, M.D. - Clinical Preceptor

Lee R. Jones, D.M.D. - Assistant Professor

J. Mark Karlen, M.D. - Clinical Preceptor

Jeffrey S. Kessel, M.D. - Clinical Preceptor

Richard E. Klein, D.M.D. - Assistant Professor

Todd D. Lasher, M.D. - Clinical Preceptor

M. Iuliana Lazar, Ph.D. - Associate Professor

Maxine M. Lee, M.D. - Clinical Preceptor

Sander W. Leivy, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Alan J. LePeter, M.D. - Associate Professor

Junping Li, M.D., M.S., Ph.D. - Associate Professor

Bruce A. Long, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Katie M. Love, M.D., M.Sc. - Assistant Professor

Tananchai A Lucktong, M.D. - Associate Professor

Vivian H. Mao, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Kurtis E. Moyer, M.D., F.A.C.S. - Associate Professor

James R. Niederlehner, M.D. - Clinical Preceptor

Charles J. Paget, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Antonio M. Perez III, M.D. - Clinical Preceptor

Kinga A. Powers, M.D., Ph.D. - Assistant Professor

Carey W. Robinson, M.D. - Clinical Preceptor

Joseph F. Rowe, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Shawn D. Safford, M.D., M.A.S., F.A.C.S., F.A.A.P. - Associate Professor

Mark B. Schoemann, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Corey J. Sheppard, D.D.S. - Clinical Preceptor

Christine G. Sherman, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Sally M. Shughart, M.D. - Clinical Preceptor

Gary R. Simonds, M.D. - Professor

W. Scott Slagle, O.D. - Assistant Professor

Andrew A. Slemp, M.D. - Assistant Professor

George L. Smith, M.D. - Clinical Preceptor

Mark O. Smith, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Keith R. Stephenson, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Charles H.F. Sturm, M.D. - Clinical Preceptor

Cathy J. Swanson, M.D. - Clinical Preceptor

Daniel R. Tershak, M.D.- Assistant Professor

William M. Thompson, M.D. - Clinical Preceptor

Chheany W.C. Ung, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Terri-ann Wattsman, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Edgar N. Weaver, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Albert C. Weed, M.D. - Assistant Professor

Paul R. Wolff, M.D. - Clinical Preceptor

William S. York, M.D.M.S. - Clinical Preceptor

Wadid Zaky Salama, M.B.B.Ch. - Assistant Professor

Faculty with Co-appointments

Jonathan L. Gleason, M.D. - Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Clinical Skills Photo Gallery

As part of the clinical sciences and skills value domain, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine students get early practice in a clinical setting with standardized patients as well as other volunteers from the community.  Check out some pictures from a class session as students practiced checking heart rates, blood pressure and breathing.

    Raeva Malik get ready to take a listen

Research in the Department of Surgery

    LifeGuard 10

Using several comprehensive databases, the surgery department conducts studies that focus on quality of patient care and improving outcomes after surgical intervention, trauma, and critical care. Surgery faculty members also utilize Carilion's Simulation Laboratory in order to optimize physician training and techniques involving advanced robotics. Other surgeons work with collaborators at the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute and Virginia Tech looking at genetic markers associated with tumors and scar tissue. VTCSOM students interested in joining an ongoing research project or starting a new study should contact Ryan Brush for more information.