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Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine and Research Institute

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Hippocratic Oath - Contemporary Version

"I do solemnly swear, by whatever each of us hold most sacred: 

    That I will be loyal to the Profession of Medicine and just to its members 

    White Coat Ceremony

    That I will lead my life and practice my art in uprightness and honor 

    That into whatsoever house I shall enter it shall be for the good of the sick to the utmost of my power, my holding myself far aloof from wrong, from corruption, from the tempting of others to vice 

    That I will exercise my art solely for the cure of my patients, and will give no drug nor perform an operation for a criminal purpose, even if solicited, far less suggest it 

    That whatsoever I shall see or hear of the lives of my patients which is not fitting to be spoken, I will keep inviolably secret 

    These things I do swear. Let each of us bow the head in sign of acquiescence 

And now, if I will be true to this, my oath, may good repute ever be mine; the opposite, if I shall prove myself forsworn."

    White Coat Ceremony

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