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2010 White Coat Ceremony Theme 4: Humanism, Supporting the Original Theme of the White Coat Ceremony

Though taking an unconventional route to arrive at medical school, I would not alter the path that brought me here as it gave me the appreciation for the medical profession that I have today.  Having pursued an undergraduate and graduate degree in engineering, I spent much of my time working on the computer overlooking the “human” element of health care.  Through my research and shadowing, I came to understand that there is more to delivering health care than the newest technology or devices.  Putting on my white coat means that I will be making a difference in people’s lives first-hand rather than behind the scenes.  Instead of becoming a statistic, as a physician I will be able to know the people I hope to help by interacting with them.  I will directly witness the pain they feel or the excitement they experience, and this human element is what I believe is imperative in health care and makes it so meaningful to me. 

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